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“No student knows his subject: the most he knows is where and how to find out the things he does not know.”–Woodrow Wilson

There’s a plethora of information out there on travel. I know—I’ve been immersing myself in it since beginning research in 2002. It’s out there in The Cloud, on the web, on Twitter. Follow the links online and you can search ad infinitum. Find good travel tweets and follow them.

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It’s even in print. You’ll find a myriad of books on innumerable subjects in bookstores and libraries. Newspapers and magazines offer articles galore. There’s TV—Travel has it’s own channel.

Sometimes data will appear right at your fingertips. Lots of info you stumble over by accident. Then there are the facts you have to dig for and search out. To cover all the aspects of travel you need to travel all around the information highway.

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This blog offers you a place to begin and information you will need to put you in the know and in the driver’s seat.

I’ve assembled a lot of facts backed up with reliable sources, much gleaned from government and official sources, then mixed in with common knowledge from the pros and the experts who offer much of the same general info but each in their own individual style and with their unique experience.


U.S. Department of State (DOS)

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

U.S. Government Official web page

U.S. Department of Homeland Security


United Kingdom Foreign & Commonwealth Office web page


rick Steves

Just a taste

Travel products websites offer tips as well

eagle creek online


USA Today travel website


Just to name two


The following books I read as background for the book and recommend them all. They are subject specific and chuck full of sound advice, scads of tips, juicy experiences, sources abounding, and are enjoyable reading. Visit and and you’ll find a myriad more.

safe books

Even if you don’t have to go to the really dangerous places but want to come back alive from all your travels, I sincerely recommend reading both of these books. The advice you get in Come Back Alive could save your life or limb close to home too. Besides, it is interesting and fun reading.

If you’re serious about going to The World’s Most Dangerous Places, the author takes you to all of them. He writes with an enjoyably irreverent style that is well worth the read even if you don’t leave your recliner.

Mr. Pelton is the journalist who was in Afghanistan on assignment with National Geographic Adventure Magazine and interviewed U.S. Taliban John Walker Lindh after his capture in November 2001, which aired on CNN.

You may not plan on getting yourself in a worst-case scenario like trying to Control a Runaway Camel or Find Water on a Deserted Island or Survive a Trip over a Waterfall.

But you might someday have to Stop a Car with No Brakes, Survive a High-Rise Hotel Fire or to Survive a Mugging. Certainly knowing How to Pass a Bribe will come in handy.

These two books are small and convenient for pocketing away for use—a whole collection of life saving procedures all in two handy little packages.

These three books are aimed at the traveling women but also include tips and advice for solo and older travelers, and travelers with children.

This is another book that should be in every household today.

savvy books

Ms Gilford begins her book with, “Welcome to Overpackers Anonymous!” She gives the criteria for choosing luggage, her “bundle method” of packing, lists and more lists, where to shop etc., etc. and lots of resources.

Recommended and available through Magellan’s.

This book, of course, is out of print. I searched the web for it in 2002. The first three websites offered it for $100. I found it on the fourth for $9.95. It’s still a hoot to read and brought back memories from when I first went abroad on my own back in the “good old days.”

I actually found it recently on Amazon for $14.95

These two books should be in everybody’s library and certainly not for show. In this day and age they would make an excellent graduation gift (along with the worst-case scenario books) for every kid entering life and going off to travel.