Writers’ Tips


Read MoreTake off? Why can’t I get my writing to take off? You want your writing to take off and go somewhere. But right now you’re going nowhere. You’re in a spin. You took off sometime back. You had your engines gunned. Perhaps you lost your way. Lost your motivation, interest, perseverance. You’re stalled. The book […]

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Never Stop Posting!

Read MoreStop Posting You Lose Your minions Your momentum Your motivation Your magic It takes about a year of posting to gain followers & less than a month to loss them Once you get going on anything you get momentum going and you don’t want to stop Outside influences like followers & comments energize your motivation […]

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Read More  Highjacked Domain . . . When a domain name expires there are vultures waiting to snap it up for pennies and sell it back to you for 50 times more that you paid for it. Either you pay their exorbitant ransom or you register a new domain name redesigning your banner and other details, […]

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Writing a Novel Means Creating a “Secondary World”

C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien

Read MoreHumphrey Carpenter wrote in his biography on Tolkien that the author drew his lecture to a close asserting that there is no higher function for man than the ‘sub creation’ of a Secondary World such as he was already making in The Lord of the Rings.

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Picking Yourself Up From Disappointment

Read MoreDiana Pavlac Glyer writes in The Company They Keep: C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien as Writers in Community, that Lewis believed that “God is responsible for the fact that disappointment occurs ‘on the threshold of every human endeavour.’ He observes, ‘In every department of life it marks the transition from dreaming aspiration to laborious doing.’”

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Where Do You Stand on Your New Year Resolutions?

Read MoreSix months ago today you all and I made some New Year resolutions. We are either half way to accomplishing them or in dire need of serious re-resolving if we intend to achieve those goals. Here’s where I stand. Where are you?

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