Traveling with children: #1 Preparation

Read More  The world is a place of wonders and dangers. When you travel you take your children on their first steps toward discovering these wonders and, of course, you need to take steps to protect them from the dangers. “In America there are two classes of travel—first class and with children.” Robert Benchley According to the […]

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Who to Contact If Your Kid Gets Into Trouble Abroad

Read MoreYou get an SOS from your kid off in the Outback, Timbuktu, or in jail or injured. Or you hear of a disaster and can’t reach him/her, who do do contact to get a rapid response? Unlikely, but it does happen and you don’t want to be searching for help in a panic. You have […]

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Dumb Behavior Abroad Can Result in Grave Consequences

Read More  You need to be informed before your kids go abroad because your they are not Teflon. Oh, they think they are. “I’ll be just fine, Mom.” “Don’t worry, nothing will happen.” “It’s cool. I’ll be careful.” They spurn advice & ignore the voice of experience. Youth is fearless, thoughtless and impetuous, and often heedless to […]

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Why Insure Your Kids When They Go Abroad?

Read More  According to the Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs it can cost more than $100,000 for medical evacuation outside the U.S. It’s unlikely your standard insurance would cover this or other medical services. A travel policy is smart and cheap.  “It is a truth but too well known, that rashness attends youth, as […]

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Why You Get a Passport When Your Kids Go Abroad

Read More    Accidents do happen. The kid needs you there now! Kids do get into hot water. Who do they look to, to get them out? Do you really want to get a passport in a panic?   Obtain your passport when the kids get theirs It would be a rare occurrence for your kid […]

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3 Lean & Mean Tips to Pack Light

Read MorePacking light starts with being organized. If you’re the type who considers the “O” word a dirty word, these are just the tips you need, but packing lean only comes with order. You gotta have method in the madness. The mean comes with self discipline, and that just takes practice. “Good order is the foundation […]

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