Never Stop Posting!

Illustration of a funny cartoon stop traffic sign character doing danger and warning gesture

Stop Posting You Lose

  • Your minions
  • Your momentum
  • Your motivation
  • Your magic

It takes about a year of posting to gain followers & less than a month to loss them

Once you get going on anything you get momentum going and you don’t want to stop

Outside influences like followers & comments energize your motivation

You feel your magic becoming a magnet for attentionapplause


What Stops Us from Posting?

  • Distractions
  • Discouragement
  • Disinterest
  • Despondency

frown-faceDistractions = Life happens

Discouragement – Nothing saps energy and motivation like it

Disinterest – You lose interest, they lose interest

Despondency – Your spirits drop & you lose hope and courage


Why I Stopped Posting


  • New shoulder,
  • Minor surgery on the other shoulder
  • Total neck fusion of 8 discs


  • Missed my son’s big event Birthday Party for me in California
  • Sabbatical from C.S. Lewis Foundation
  • Missed San Diego Conference
  • Missed Summer Seminar, Oxbridge, Oxford & Cambridge Universities, Englandoxford


  • Anesthesia from 3 surgeries dulled this old brain
  • Left to myself with no outside stimulus, I lost heart


Major Posting of 2014 “I’m a Nana at Last”

NanaN&G copy

By late 2015
I was strong enough to hold her

The Turquoise Traveler Grounded

Turk Trav copy

  • 2 years homebound
  • Save for trips to visit new mommy, daddy, and baby.
  • Traveling 2015 to the pool for deep water running with weights
  • Swimming now

Go-Go Granny Ready to GO

bootsgogo gran

These boots are made for travelingt

Not Gentle into the Night

Did I say that I “do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

by Dylan Thomas

I posted that on Facebook when they posted my birthday note with my age, thank you very much.

The Nanarillo Posting Again


Posting: 8 Steps to Jumpstart Your Writing

Stay tuned
I took 8 steps to jump start my writing
I’m on a roll
How about you?

Never give up!




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